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** All final year students (3/3&5/5 LL.B) are directed to attend moot - court examination (paper – II) on 04-04-2018( Wednesday ) at 8.a.m without fail, as it is compulsory paper in their final semester.


**Last date for payment of exam fee for 2/2,3/3,2/5,4/5,5/5  course is 21-03-2018.submit exam application after payment of tuition fee. 

** All 1st year students are direct to pay the 1st semester exam fee last date is 05-02-2018.with fine last date is 09-02-2018.along with 10th Class Xerox copy and 2phots.

** All students are advised to attend the internal components without fail.

** The internal components of 1/3 LL.B,1/5 LL.B, 3/5 LL.B are to be conducted 1ST internal on 06-01-2018(Saturday). 

     2nd internal 10-02-2018 & 11-2-2018. Internal exam fee is 1200/- for one year (for 20 exams)

** The internal components of 3/3 LL.B, 5/5LL.B, 2/3 LL.B, 4/5 LL.B and 2/5 LL.B students are to be conducted 1st internal on 10-2-2018(Saturday).        2nd internals is 10-03-2018 and 11-03-2018.

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